Environmental management

Environmental management

The environment is high on the agenda of politicians, and it is expected that all companies do everything within their ability to take the environment into consideration when designing and operating their installation. The concern for the environment affects office based companies as well as manufacturing and process industries.

All businesses are expected to do their bit for the environment, and the level of expectation that companies comply to that rule is consistently rising as the increasing concern about the effect our operations have on the climate increases with it. We can help you adhere to these rules effectively and easily, even offering training to help you get to grips with the level that is expected from your business.


RMT Associates Ltd can help your business by:

  • Undertaking an initial environmental review of your business operation providing you with a report that tells you where you can improve and at the same time, make some cost savings

  • Environmental Impact Assessment – What is the effect of your business on the local environment and that further afield?

  • Provide your employees with knowledge of the environmental effects of their actions

  • Waste management and control

  • Energy management

  • Environmental risk assessment

  • Undertaking reviews of the environmental permits that you have in place

Reduce energy usage

The pressure to reduce energy usage and waste disposal are being increased by the application of charges that directly affect a company’s bottom line. Therefore, there is a financial incentive to investigate reductions in these areas and take appropriate action to reduce your company’s usage further.

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